The November Man (2014)

Released on August 27, 2014 from Relativity Media

Music by Marco Beltrami
Additional Score by Dennis Smith, Marcus Trumpp, Wlad Marhulets and Xiaotian Shi
Recorded by Peter Fuchs
Mixed by Tyson Lozensky at Pianella Studios
Music Editors: Chris McGeary and Ron Finn

  1. NM 1m01 Take Orders Beltrami, Marco 5:16
  2. NM 2m05b Cab Ride Beltrami, Marco 1:07
  3. NM 3m03-04c Run From Mason Part 3 Beltrami, Marco 1:58
  4. NM 4m09 Leg Cut Beltrami, Marco 4:15
  5. NM 5m03 Mira Mira On The Wall Beltrami, Marco 9:17
  6. NM 6m06 Reunited Beltrami, Marco 4:50