1. 1m01 Logos_Prologue Beltrami, Marco 2:44
  2. 2m21-22 Ghosts vs Ghasts_Forest Vision Beltrami, Marco 2:26
  3. 3m26 Training Montage Beltrami, Marco 2:49
  4. 4m33 It's Not a Bair Fight Beltrami, Marco 4:25
  5. 5m51-52 Ambushed Beltrami, Marco 2:21
  6. 7m63a End Credits #1 (Tom's Theme) Beltrami, Marco 3:13

Seventh Son (2015)

Released on February 6, 2015 from Universal Pictures

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Additional Score by Brandon Roberts and Marcus Trumpp
Orchestra Conducted by Matt Dunkley
Orchestrations by Brandon Roberts and Marcus Trumpp
Recorded and Mixed by John Kurlander
Assistant Score Mixer: Tyson Lozensky
Music Editors: Steve Durkee, Curt Sobel and John Finklea
Recorded at Air Lyndhurst Studios, London, UK