1. 1m02 Toast Beltrami, Marco 2:36
  2. 2m08 Riot Run Beltrami, Marco 2:23
  3. 3m05-06 Roof Toss Beltrami, Marco 3:59
  4. 4m08 Embassy Blows Beltrami, Marco 1:18
  5. 6m01alt Daddy 0710 Beltrami, Marco 2:24
  6. 6m04 Story of Lucy Beltrami, Marco 1:45

No Escape (2015)

Released on August 26, 2015 from The Weinstein Company

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders
Orchestrations by Mark Graham
Recorded by John Kurlander
Mixed by Tyson Lozensky and Buck Sanders
Music Editor: Jim Harrison
Recorded and Mixed at Pianella Studios
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony