1. 1m0 Main Titles Beltrami, Marco 2:39
  2. 1m5 Priest Dies Beltrami, Marco 3:22
  3. 4m4 Goodbye Boys Beltrami, Marco 2:37
  4. 8m1 Josh Bites It Beltrami, Marco 4:22
  5. 11m2 unedited Beltrami, Marco 5:07
  6. 12m3 Reunited Beltrami, Marco 2:53

Mimic (1997)

Released on August 22, 1997 from Dimension Films

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Conducted by Marco Beltrami
Orchestrations by Pete Anthony, Bill Boston and Marco Beltrami
Recorded and Mixed by John Kurlander
Music Editors: Chris McGeary and Stuart Goetz
Recorded and Mixed at Skywalker Sound
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony