The Shallow Now in Theaters


Still reeling from the loss of her mother, medical student Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) travels to a secluded beach for some much-needed solace. Despite the danger of surfing alone, Nancy decides to soak up the sun and hit the waves. Suddenly, a great white shark attacks, forcing her to swim to a giant rock for safety. Left injured and stranded 200 yards from shore, the frightened young woman must fight for her life as the deadly predator circles her in its feeding ground.

Marco’s latest film, The Shallows, is now in theaters.

Gods of Egypt Soundtrack Details


Varese Sarabande have announced the soundtrack release for Marco’s latest project, Gods of Egypt. The album will be released digitally
on Feb 26th with the physical CD following on March 25h. The album features 75 minutes of his action packed, epic score. You can pre-order
the album from Varese Sarabande and other online retailers.

1. Gods Of Egypt Prologue (2:41)
2. Bek And Zaya (:44)
3. Market Chase (:30)
4. Coronation (2:26)
5. All Quiet On Set (:41)
6. Set vs. Horus (3:40)
7. Hathor’s Bedroom (3:42)
8. Bek Steals The Eye (4:08)
9. Shot Through The Heart (3:01)
10. Underdog (1:25)
11. Red Army (1:40)
12. Wings And A Prayer (3:01)
13. Osiris’ Garden (1:29)
14. Snakes on a Plain (3:12)
15. Toth’s Library (3:27)
16. Straight Out of Egypt (2:28)
17. Channeling Zaya (2:29)
18. Return of the Mistress of the West (2:28)
19. Chaos (3:42)
20. Set Confronts Ra (3:29)
21. Elevator Music (3:06)
22. Obelisk Fight Part 1 (4:12)
23. Obelisk Fight Part 2 (3:32)
24. God Of The Impossible (5:39)
25. Bek And Zaya’s Theme (4:37)
26. Hathor’s Theme (3:35)

Remembering Wes Craven

adminNotes from Marco

I was very saddened to hear the tragic news. Wes Craven gave me my first break in the film scoring business with his movie “Scream” and really acted as a mentor in the early part of my career. His calm, quiet confidence inspired me to explore ideas that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, and he taught me the psychological role that music plays in manipulating an audience.

Wes was a master at understanding the emotional state of his audience, getting inside their minds and leading them down unexpected paths; teetering between the lines of fear and humor, outrageous and commonplace. I feel his influence on every film I work on, and when I’m in a bind I often say to myself, “What would Wes tell me at this point?” For me, Wes Craven’s presence is eternal.”

– Marco

Fantastic Four Soundtrack Now Available


The official soundtrack for Fantastic Four is now available on iTunes and Amazon! Directed by Josh Trank, Four young outsiders teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe which alters their physical form in shocking ways. The four must learn to harness their new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy. Starring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell.

3:10 to Yuma and Red Eye Soundtrack Releases


Two classic scores from Marco Beltrami are coming out this month.First up is La-La Land Records newly remastered and expanded release of Marco’s nominated score for the hit remake, 3:10 to Yuma, starring Christian Bale and Russell Crowe. The new album was remastered in 32bit format and contains almost 20 minutes of never before released score and is limited to 3000 copies. The score will be available directly from La-La Land Records on April 21.Up next is Intrada’s world premiere release of Marco’s thrilling score for the 2005 Wes Craven film, Red Eye. This limited edition release is presented in stereo from pristine condition digital scoring session mixes courtesy Paramount Pictures and produced by Douglass Fake with fantastic liner notes from Daniel Schweiger. Conducted by Pete Anthony, this release is available now from Intrada.