Upcoming Projects


Marco and Buck are currently working on a few projects, including the upcoming National Geographic documentary (tenatively titled Solo) about Alex Honnold who free-climbed El Capitan, and A Quiet Place from director John Krasinski.

Logan CD Signing and Q&A


Join Marco Beltrami, Buck Sanders, Marcus Trumpp and Brandon Roberts for the CD release signing of Logan. The event will be held at
Creature Features on April 1 at 2PM… no joke.

Logan Slashes His Way to Huge $88.3M U.S. Debut, $247.3M Globally


Director James Mangold’s Logan howled loudly at the North American box office over the weekend with a massive $88.3 million from 4,071 theaters, the biggest opening of the year so far and one of the top showings of all time for an R-rated film or for a March release, according to final numbers.

Logan was also huge overseas, debuting to $159 million from 81 markets for a launch of $240.8 million. The movie also came in ahead of Sunday’s international estimate, which was $152.5 million. Logan scored $48.8 million in China, where it crushed The Lego Batman Movie, which bowed to a meager $3.5 million.

Nostalgia, glowing reviews and an A- CinemaScore are no doubt aiding the movie, which marks Hugh Jackman’s final turn on the big screen as the moody and fierce X-Men superhero Wolverine.

Logan Now in Theaters!


In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world
and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.

Marco Beltrami returns to bring closure to Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine.

Logan is out now in theaters and the soundtrack is available on digital download. CD release is scheduled for March 31st.

Dracula 2000 Limited Edition Now Available


Varese Sarabandes tradition of releasing classic horror soundtracks continues with this new collectors box of 12 outstanding albums housed in a black retro-styled carrying case. Little Box Of Horrors includes premiere release for Marcos score for Dracula 2000 as well as the deluxe edition releases for Scream and Mimic if you missed out on those the first time around. Also included in this set is the premiere release for Pumpkinhead (Richard Stone), Deadly Friend (Charles Bernstein), The Fly (Howard Shore), The Hidden (Michael Convertino), Maniac (Jay Chattaway), The Mephisto Waltz/The Other (Jerry Goldsmith), A Nightmare on Elm Street (Charles Bernstein), The Serpent and the Rainbow (Brad Fiedel) and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Bob Cobert). Be sure to visit Varese Sarabande to order this set.

Dracula 2000 Tracklisting:

1. Lifeboat (Main Title) (2:55)
2. L2K / Crossbow (2:19)
3. Mission Impossible (2:01)
4. Vault Vixen (3:00)
5. Coffin’ Blood / Helsing Alarmed (4:58)
6. The Movable Feast / Come To Daddy (3:41)
7. Mary And Priest #1 (Mary’s Theme) (2:12)
8. Mardi Gras In Toronto? (1:30)
9. River Dance (1:18)
10. Town Hall Meeting / Cat Out Of The Bag / Lookin’ Sharp / Pussy Whipped (6:34)
11. Vamps 101 (3:58)
12. Mary And Priest #2 (1:43)
13. Vamp On A G String (2:09)
14. Takes A Vitamin / Drac Hits A High C (2:01)
15. Marcus Gives Head / Old Blood (3:40)
16. At Home With The Creeps / Old Man In The C / Goodnight Moon (4:43)
17. Mary Reads Dad’s Diary (1:13)
18. Hot Cross Buns / Bible Thumper (5:02)
19. Trimmin’ The Bush (2:38)
20. Gang Fang (1:04)
21. Brotherly Love (4:10)
22. Tickle Me Elmo / Mary, Mary Quite Contrary / Mary & Drac Left Hangin’ (6:27)
23. The Sun Also Rises (Film Version) (2:35)
24. Canned Heat (3:10)
25. The Sun Also Rises (Short Version) (2:18)

Scream 2: The Deluxe Edition Now Available


We’re so excited about this major film score expansion! In 1998, Varese Sarabande released an album with fifteen minutes each from Marco Beltrami’s Scream and Scream 2. Both are Beltrami classics. In 2011 they finally set things right with a Deluxe Edition for the original Scream and now, five years later and just in time for Halloween, it’s time for Scream 2. If you only know the score from the previous album, this one will be a wonderful revelation.

Limited Edition of 2000 copies

  1. Opening 0:47
  2. Phil Scares Maureen 1:39
  3. Maureen Steals the Show 1:47
  4. Your Lucky Day 0:49
  5. Check Out the News 1:06
  6. Sid and Randy Talk 1:07
  7. Introducing Gail Again 1:09
  8. Sid and Dewey Talk 2:20
  9. Dewey’s Theme 1:39
  10. Cici’s Home 0:29
  11. Cici Gets the Call 2:58
  12. Cici is Killed 2:37
  13. Crime Scene 1:33
  14. Sidney is Attacked 2:50
  15. Derek at Hospital 1:20
  16. Killing Theories 1:30
  17. Cassandra Aria 2:16 * Danny Elfman
  18. Sid Runs into Derek 1:38
  19. Murder in the Van 4:07
  20. Sid in Library 1:27
  21. Cotton Confronts Sidney 2:13
  22. Cops Question Cotton 2:54
  23. Joel Quits 3:38
  24. Dewey and Gail Attacked 6:43
  25. Sid Says Goodbye 1:49
  26. Sid Needs a New Roommate 6:40
  27. Cassandra Reprise 1:10 * Danny Elfman
  28. Showdown 3:17
  29. The Big Showdown 8:01
  30. Sid Kills Killer 2:46
  31. More Lives than a Cat 1:15
  32. Scream 2 Theme 1:26